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Commercial Upholstery

Commercial Upholstery Cleaning in Dundee

Extend the life of your business furniture assets with Power-dry. We can work flexibly with any business to undertake either ‘one off’ or regular contract cleaning of upholstery in commercial premises.

Professional Upholstery Cleaning Contractor

Power-dry have undergone professional training in upholstery cleaning and have all necessary health & safety equipment and certification to support a business quotation.

What are the benefits of commercial furniture cleaning?

A Clean Environment means a Healthy Environment

Keep your staff in tip top condition by ensuring your office is clean and germ free with our commercial upholstery cleaning solutions. By reducing staff sickness, you will be increasing productivity and minimising operational issues.

Staff happiness is crucial enhancing employee productivity so it’s a no brainer to ensure your working environment is healthy and clean.

Extend the life of your Furniture

Any upholstered furniture in a commercial environment is bound to get used constantly and is therefore highly prone to wear and tear. Our specialist cleaning expertise can help you extend the life of your assets so your business doesn’t need to replace them as often.

Copies of documentation can be forwarded upon request. Specifically these documents include:

  • A method sheet & safety data sheets
  • Copies of liability and indemnity insurance
  • Professional references

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